Parent, Student Testimonials Show Perks Of Enrolling In Family Christian Center School


Choosing the right school for your young one isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. From teacher reviews to standardized test scores and the neighborhood where the educational institution is located, there are just so many factors to consider when picking the right place for your little one to grow up. For families who put their trust in God above all else, then it’s equally important to find a faith-based school that reflects the same qualities you espouse at home. For those living in or near the Clermont, Florida community, we think Family Christian Center School Clermont FL meets all of the rigors demands that a caring parent should have. The school, which was founded in August 2010 as a kindergarten-through-5th grade facility, has grown consistently year over year. It’s accreditation with the Florida League of Christian Schools through 2021 shows that Family Christian Center School Clermont FL also has a high standing among fellow educators. However, we want testimonials from parents and students to show off the capabilities of our staff, administrators and teachers.

– Tracy A., the parent of a 6th grader said in part, said in part: “They are very welcoming to both the parents and the students and genuinely care for each and every student and wants the very best for them. The teachers at FCCS are amazing! They combine their love of God with their love of teaching and guiding the students to achieve their greatest goals. I think the biggest testament to how incredible the teachers are is when you see the students engaging with the teachers even before the school day has begun.”

– Christina C., the parent of a 1st grade student, said in part: “Not only has our child received an incredible education, but she is able to openly display her love of Christ each and every day. The spirit of the Lord rests on our school, and it shows through the teachers and faculty. The dedication and diligence that our child’s kindergarten and first grade teachers is evident. It is quite evident that our daughter is cared for and shown the love of God every day. Not only is she thriving, but she is excited to go to school each day. We look forward to our family being a part of FCCS long into the future.”

– If parent testimonials aren’t enough, here are some of the favorite things of Family Christian Center School 6th graders:

– “I love P.E. and our lockers!”

– “I like my friends and teachers.”

– “Art class is my favorite.”

– “I’m so happy we have lockers. I also like English and Art.”

– “P.E. is the best part of the day!”

– “The teachers are nice.”

– “I like my teachers, the lockers and lunch!”

Visit Sky Zone Trampoline Park For A Family-Friendly Summer Vacation Excursion


For young children and teenagers, summer vacation provides the prime opportunity to get out and enjoy your surroundings. Those three months when most students are between grade levels are often spent exploring the town on bicycles, going swimming in backyard pools or finding an escape somewhere else in nature. For parents who would like to spend some quality time with their children — but aren’t up for the strenuous activities that kids somehow find fun in the heat and humidity – then Family Christian Center School Clermont FL has got the perfect solution for you. Sky Zone is a trampoline park that is as fun for youth as it is adults. Imagine endless and boundless movement in a wall-to-wall trampoline room. Now imagine getting to spend quality time with your children getting as much of a kick out of the activity as they are! They are proud to be able to offer such an outlet.

As the only church-owned Sky Zone in the world, parents are assured that the events and activities at the facility are suitable for all ages. Since students of Family Christian Center School in Clermont FL have full access to the Sky Zone trampoline park, it’s another reason for parents and guardians to be rest assured that they’re offering one of the safest, most family-friendly activity in the area! Some of their regular events include overnight lock-ins and SkyFit sessions as well as the Lights and Ladders annual event where kids can come out and play in a dodgeball tournament against Clermont’s local firefighters and police officers. This benefit tournament also hosts lots of additional fun and free activities for the whole family! Sky Zone also hosts birthday parties, home school jump sessions and toddler sessions.

Overall, Family Christian Center School Clermont FL feels that Sky Zone is just a great activity for anyone who wants to experience highly-aerobic and low-impact fun in an air conditioned environment – which is an important consideration here in Florida! Thanks to Sky Zone and the various events it hosts, you’ll have the perfect answer for the next time your little ones ask, “What are we going to do today?”